Horizon Social Assistance Development Organization

Horizon Social Assistance Development Organization is a Non Profit Organization based in Hargeisa -Somaliland. It has been established in early 2007 by a group of youth volunteers of both the gender.

This Organization was set up to promote and work as a voluntary to the social basic needs and the development activities in Somaliland.

Horizon works in a different social basic activities particularly it provides humanitarian care to the mentally sick people and the mentally Disabled people in Hargeisa - Somaliland and will make extension in the near future to the other regions of Somaliland.

Horizon Social Assistance Development Organization, 26 June, Radio Hargeisa Street, Hargeisa, Maroodi-Jeex, DHl, Somalia
26 June
Radio Hargeisa Street
Hargeisa Maroodi-Jeex DHl Somalia

Hours of operation:
7:0 Am--2:0 Pm

00252 2 4404806

Email address:
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